compute your blood pressure ..!!

Blood pressure is the pressure produced by the heart, which then forwarded the whole blood vessel. Blood pressure of systolic and diastolic pressure. Systolic pressure caused by cardiac contraction, whereas diastolic pressure caused when the heart relaxes. In normal circumstances the pressure will fall and rise together. In normal blood pressure will be slightly up and down according to activity and emotion, can also be changed according to age, sex and disease. Woman's blood pressure is usually 10 mm Hg higher than men.
Equipment needed
• blood pressure measuring devices (Tensimeter, Sphygmomanometer). Comprising a needle-shaped gauges or mercury, and cuffs taped to the upper arm and connected with a rubber pipe to the measuring instruments ..
• Stethoscope, if no stethoscope can with finger palpation.
How to measure blood pressure
1. Place the cuff on the upper arm, with the bottom edge of the cuff is 1 finger above the elbow fold. There are several cuff sizes, but generally used only one type of measure.
2. Pump the cuff, while feeling the radial artery until palpable pulse, and then pump again to 30 mm Hg higher.
3. Place the stethoscope on the brachial artery, or if there is no use 3 fingers to feel the brachial artery.
4. Lower the needle / mercury slowly while listening to the pulse. The numbers indicated when the first sound appears is the systolic pressure. Figures shown as the pulse disappears is the diastolic pressure. When the finger palpation, can only determine the systolic pressure is palpated at the brachial artery pulse.
Normal Blood Pressure Values
Adult Children (<12 years)
130-90 mmHg systolic (2 x age) + 80 mmHg
Diastolic 50-80 mmHg 90-70

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