rheumatic genetic

Genetic rheumatic symptoms occur, especially starting at the age of 20's, even some who under the age of 20 years. Gradually, this disease will develop, usually until the peak occurs at age 40-45 years.

The main symptoms, lower back pain. "We also have to expect a person suffering from the U.S. if he's the man, because this disease attacks men more than women," said Harry. Comparison of male and female patients of about 8:1.

"Patients with this disease are young men around 20 years old who suffered from constant back pain for more than three months," said Harry. The pain is not like the pain from an accident or other factors, such as by lifting weights too heavy. Symptoms also can occur before the age of 16 years, the so-called juvenile ankylosing Spondylitis. This was also experienced by men vie.

The initial symptoms of pain will usually worsen when patients wake up in the morning. Only after a lot of exercise, the pain lessened. "These movements make the stiffness and pain in the waist down. Because, with the move, waist or other parts of the sick was bent." What often happens, pain in the waist is considered as a regular back pain due to accidents, lifting heavy loads, or pinched nerve. In fact, "There have been people who perform the operation because he thought the pain was due to pinched nerve."

Pain in the hip caused by a condition called entesopathy, which is inflammation of the ligaments attach to the spine. Ligaments function to connect the two vertebrae. When inflammation occurs long enough, there will be new bone formation, and two vertebrae may be joined. This unification process is slow, and each year will be repeating the merging of two vertebrae.

"This process occurs from the waist to neck. Starting at the age of 20, and gradually, as the patient's age was 40 years old, a segment will be merged. Penyatuannya process like bamboo tree, "said Harry.

Vertebrae together will result in the patient is difficult to move the body. As a result, it became difficult to bend. And if it is bent, difficult to enforce return. Or if the neck is attacked, turned into a job that was almost impossible.

"To see the entire body must come to move," said Harry. In fact, the weight level, the patient's body will be bent like a comma punctuation mark. People could not sleep on her back because her "curved," and forced to sleep on his side.

In addition to the waist pain, arthritis can also attacked the genetic peripheral joints, the central joints in the spinal cord of man. This peripheral joints are the knees, fingers, toes, elbows, too. This condition is attacked 20 percent of the total number of patients.

"The most frequently attacked are ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders. Usually the patient complains of pain is also part of that, "said Harry. There is a possibility, pain in the waist and peripheral joints was also accompanied by another disease that attacks the eyes, skin, gastrointestinal tract, and other variants. (Nova / Bestantia)

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