Blinding in 30 years, a man can see the world again by bionic eye

Peter Lane thought he would continue to live in darkness due to blindness he suffered for 30 years. But thanks to bionic eye he could see again.

51 years old man from Stretford, England, was the first man in the world to live installation of electronic receiving device on the eye which then sends signals to the brain from the glasses.

Technology that allows Lane to see the form of an object such as furniture or a door. Bionic eye that helped identify the letter, although it is shaped row of light points.

Lane through the installation of equipment at Manchester Eye Hospital UK some time ago. His vision began to fade when he was 20 years old mid decreased due to illness.

"Having not seen in a long time, was amazing to be able to see more letters and words. I can read the word 'dad', 'mat', and 'cat' written on a special display, "he told the Daily Mail, Thursday (26/11).

Indeed he was only able to recognize short words. But what pleased him most was that he could re-identify shapes.

"Because I could have activity habits are common in my apartment without my glasses. But these glasses gave me the confidence and made me more independent, "he added.

Lane could not hide his excitement when he could see the car after 30 years. "I am pleased to be part of this experiment," he said.

Lane is one of the 32 people who took part of an experimental technology that aims to help people with retinitis pigmentosa, a group of genetic diseases. This disease causes the sufferer loses the ability to see. This experiment is conducted around the world.

Bionic eye used Lane developed by Second Sight, a U.S. company that pioneered 11 ophthalmologists throughout the world.

Lane, father of two children, this surgery was a tool assembly for four hours. It takes two months for his recovery, before he tested the ability of bionic eye. New Lane could recognize objects beginning this November.

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