horrible allergies because the hair coloring

Be careful if you love hair coloring. A girl in England had experienced a very severe allergies after dyed her hair because her hair paints trigger eczema reaction. Experienced the suffering, the court sentenced salon owner to pay compensation of 20 thousand pounds to the girl.
The case experienced Gilchrist Charlotte in 2004 when he was 16 years old. At that time he experienced an allergic reaction so severe after the hair coloring in a salo. As a result of this allergy Charlotte schools had not a few days and require hospitalization.

Charlotte went to the salon to change her hair color because it will attend the event at her school dance. But after doing the coloring, not only changed her hair but her face became swollen and he could not see for 5 days.

Shortly after her hair colored, Charlotte began to feel the itch on his head and then followed by the burning. The pain is unbearable obliged to leave school the next day and returned to the salon. However, he only got treatment called cooling but did not give any effect.

"I was very afraid, when he woke up the next morning the right side of my face was swollen, there is a clear liquid that comes out of my head and makes me can not see. Can you imagine it all happened just because the paint hair dye? "Said Charlotte, as quoted from Dailymail, Wednesday (2/12/2009).

When he returned to the salon, the officer simply said that this is a result of the use of shampoo, and shampoo has been used for years and never a problem.

Charlotte decided to go to the hospital and the doctor gave him an antihistamine to reduce swelling. But it takes up to five days to reduce inflammation and restore vision.

"Five days without being able to see anything, it is very worrying, and when awake at night my head became very itchy and painful," he said.

Charlotte finally taking legal action and sue the salon owner. The court on December 1, 2009 and eventually won his case require salon owners to provide compensation of 20,000 pounds.

What happened to Charlotte is the reaction of the skin disease eczema or very serious, Charlotte is now strictly forbidden to dye her hair. And a recent study in Wales showed about 84 percent of workers painting the hair salon without seeing his client's instructions first.

"You should do the skin test in advance if you want to dye your hair, because it can happen to anyone and sometimes some people do not realize that he has very sensitive skin. So that the skin test must be done first, "said Charlotte, who is now 21 years old.

Although until now the cause of eczema reaction is unknown, but usually is often caused by a combination of dry skin, irritated skin and poorly functioning immune system.

Complications can be caused due to an allergic reaction to this person may have a case of neurodermatitis in a long time can change the color of skin, skin infections and complications in the eye if not treated quickly can result in permanent eye damage.

Because it should not be arbitrary if you want to dye your hair, choose a place that was already received training and make sure you do not have any allergic reactions and do not have sensitive skin. (Detik.com)

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