The Case against Prita, a bad communication doctor and patient

The case against Prita Mulyasari could have been prevented if there is good communication between patients and physicians. As stated by the Honorary Chairperson of the Medical Ethics (MKEK) Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) West Jakarta Branch Prof. Dr. Budi Sampurna, SH, SpF, DFM.
Budi suggested, a bridge between patients and doctors should be strengthened. This also was trying to remember people's awareness of the needs of medical information continues to increase. Awareness of physicians, that societies need to find peace with his illness, even increasing.

Budi deliver it in layman seminar titled How Berobat In Smart held in order to commemorate the 90th anniversary Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) last week. In this seminar, given knowledge about the diagnosis and treatment approach of a physician as well as suggestions and ways of avoiding malpractice.

Budi suggested that the patient did not hesitate to ask the doctor about the disease so avoid the miscommunication that led to the dispute. In addition, doctors should be more communicative to the patient about the patient's illness experience.

In a separate occasion, Chairman of the Medical Council of Indonesia (KKI) Prof. dr Menaldi Rasmin, Sp P (K) FCCP, giving a response to malpractice cases in general. He personally said, no doctor who deliberately intend to make mistakes in practice because it involves the credibility and his career.

"If you deliberately do so, gradually everyone will know and a long career to a halt. Please note that the doctor is also a human being," he said.

According Menaldi, all doctors will try to work as well as he did. However, an accident and one other thing could have happened outside the predicted action. "All the medical action is certainly risky. All possible risks have been tried to be prevented, so be prepared if the worst does happen something unexpected, then the patient's family could not accept. But this is the name dispute is not medical malpractice and therefore the most important thing is communication between doctors and patients, "he said.

Furthermore, Menaldi explained that a doctor working only for the interests of patients. If the patient does not want to do something, then it is up to the patient. Duty doctor just explained. However, the choice of patients. "If patients want to take action, then the patient should be informed and agree. The patient also must sign a consent procedure.

What matters, he said, doctors should be concerned with the patient and not himself. Do not forget to communicate the bad and the good things that might happen to the patient between patients and physicians, thereby reducing the risk of medical disputes.

"You'd better give me all the medical information into the right patient, but need to be reminded also that doctors are not gods and can happen things that are beyond our reckoning," said Menaldi.
dr.Intan Airlina Febiliawanti

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khusnul said...

nice info ...
semua manusia pasti punya kelemahan dan kesalahan.
semoga semua berjalan sesuai dengan apa adanya.

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