Asthma...Doing the treatment at home

Asthma caused by chronic airway inflammation that causes breathing conduit sensitive, easy to tighten if it exposed to something, such as house dust.

Asthma treatment consists of drugs that dilate the airway tube (bronchodilators) and drug-reducing inflammatory processes. Usually bronchodilators drugs can be stopped if the patient is not crowded anymore (airway tube was widened again).

However, anti-inflammatory drugs should be used consistently in persistent asthma. Anti-inflammatory drugs reduce the inflammatory process beneficial and will reduce the sensitivity of the airway tube. Expected long-term airway tube which will be hyper-reactive airways resemble those pipes are not asthma. These drugs are generally groups of steroids. The most widely used is in the form of inhaled drugs.

Steroid drugs useful, but the use of systemic (either tablets or injections) will lead to long-term risk of side effects, such as cataracts, hypertension, or diabetes mellitus.

Inhaled steroid drugs can also cause side effects, but including light and not difficult to overcome, a fungus on the throat and vocal cords. For that, after inhaling this medicine, it is recommended gargling with warm water.


Patients with chronic diseases, including asthma, should be familiar with the disease and treatment properly. Patients need to recognize the early symptoms of an attack can be coughing or shortness. Usually, before a trigger, such as fatigue, allergies (such as house dust and animal hair), and respiratory infections, particularly viral infections.

Afflicted with asthma may experience an attack of influenza. Therefore, trigger asthma attacks should be avoided. To avoid influenza, can by avoiding people who are influenza, wash your hands regularly, and influenza vaccination.

One of asthma therapy is to progress the achievement of a good quality of life. Formerly with asthma are limited activities for fear of attacks occur. With the new therapy and if it can be controlled completely, patients can berkegiatan like other people, including quite heavy exercise.

To be able to control the total, required a good cooperation between doctors and patients. Progressive asthma medication is given to achieve the best lung function.

Asthma medication side effect was not breathing heavier than taking drugs, even lighter. Therefore, current treatment of chronic asthma asthma drug sniff priority, both for bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory.

Recognize drug

Patients or families should recognize that drugs should be used. With asthma should not run out of medicine because of the late administration of drugs can make asthma attacks more severe. Asthma medications work more quickly sniff so it can quickly relieve the attack.

Patient or family must be good at monitoring the results of therapy. If no improvement occurs, must be treated at the nearest hospital emergency room. Do not wait until morning or depend on a particular doctor.

The element of time in therapy of acute asthma attacks is essential. The sooner treated, it usually also quicker recovery. Patients who had not had an attack can be a sudden onset of severe acute attacks. In this situation, patients should be treated in hospital.

Mild asthma and are easier to treat than severe asthma. In severe asthma drug combination is needed. In addition to inhaled drugs, are sometimes necessary medicine to drink and injections. Chronic asthma can be controlled by avoiding triggers and using anti-inflammatory drugs and bronchodilators added if necessary.

Treatment of chronic asthma can not be done with a single injection or take medicine only a few days. Anti-inflammatory drugs should be used in a long time and if symptoms of asthma need plus bronchodilators.

For the beginning of treatment, inhaled asthma medication is more expensive. However, for the long term can actually save the drugs should be used if there is an acute attack or prevent the hospital. (Dr. Samsuridjal Djauzi)

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