Advantages of onion

Europeans have used since the Bronze Age onions, but onions may come from West Asia or Central Asia. Pentateuch, the oldest part of the Bible, and even has a record of the onion and garlic. The name "onion" which means garlic comes from the era of the late Latin "cepa," or derivatives, "cepolla."

Onions can serve double, either as vegetables or herbs. Most food in the world add onions in many dishes. The Austrians, for instance, consumes an average of 6 pounds of onions per person each year.

Onion varieties very much in shape, color and taste. Mild onion taste of Spain ideally suited for grilled meats, as a spice (in a mixture with other vegetables, to add flavor). Onion even lighter, and is used mainly in salads. Onions with a strong garlic taste and unique aroma that is very desirable to provide aroma in food. And, do not forget the green onion, leek and garlic types other.

Sharpness characteristics derived from the content of onion belerangnya containing oil. Vegetables that contain high sugar levels (up to 8%) proved to provide a sweet taste and delicious for serving food. Garlic is presented as a vegetable dish is almost free of fat, and also contain minerals and vitamins with a high percentage. Also can increase your metabolism.

Onions can be regarded as a plant antibiotic, because of its ability to kill bacteria and prevent inflammation of the mouth and digestive system. Some sources even consider garlic has the ability to heal, in this case as a mild heart disease, blood clotting and prevention of cancer. In general, garlic can help increase blood sugar, lower cholesterol and work has antioxidant properties.

Beneficial for the whole onion digestive system. Vegetables (from green onion) stimulate the appetite and help the development of the production of stomach, internal organs and bile. Onions can be launched urination, and can improve bladder function. Garlic has an interesting appeal to the (cell) skin, and can help heal wounds, including a mild infection in general, insect bites, minor burns, cuts, ulcers and boil lightly for a moment. When symptoms of cold, flu or runny nose, onions can be used as a deterrent, and can relieve cough and mild sore throat.

Garlic is a healthy vegetable that can be also served or eaten as a tonic juice, for a healing effect.

Onion juice can be made as follows: take one small onion seeds, peeled and chopped, mixed with two tablespoons of honey and ½ cup water. Heat slowly to boiling for five minutes.

After the mixture boils, stir, remove from heat, let stand for five hours, until completely cold.

Strain the pulp. Drink one tablespoon of water, three times a day, as flu prevention, or for health benefits in general.

In this way the presentation, can be presented mentahan onions, fried or pan-fried with a little oil. (

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