Personality in Medicine

Medicine is a profession which is closely linked to all of man's natural life, not only with the disease, medical knowledge and medical skill mastered. The ability to approach interpersonal empathic, understanding of life and human suffering as a whole, is a qualification that must be owned by a doctor into shape. Ability can not be generated only through a program of scientific medical education, but also requires the qualification and scope of the individual personality is conducive for medical education wrote it. Patients and families expect the precision, accuracy, speed, friendliness, safety, communication clarity, completeness, accessibility. The goal of medicine is to improve health, improve the overall meaning of life and to the quality of life better.

Reach the doctor patient relationship in terms of more complex interpersonal than social communication, 'employment contract' or 'commercial contract'. Meaning holy mission (sacred mission) which is based on professional expertise, sincerity, trust, caring and empathetic reply policy. The relationship is a human relations based on mutual trust that will try to help heal the patient.

Keywords that often appear in the doctor patient relationship is the acceptance (accepting the patient what it is), Empathy (the ability to understand and appreciate, not only cognitive aspects but also affective) and rapport (establishment of conditions of inter-personal relationships are emphatic, with an atmosphere of trust and understanding).

Being a good doctor, not a theory, IQ non-dependent, as well as academic ability. Not all doctors are able to behave / act ethical, professional and empathetic. Depending on the background of the personality, process development / experience of individuals, culture & environment, thought patterns, feelings / conscience, attitudes & behavior.

Understanding the behavior and personality
Human behavior gained from the study and instincts as animals. It is also influenced by biological, psychological education and social environment.
fungtional behavior expresion.Attitude is a way to bring themselves in social communication; mental status or feelings (eg, jealous attitude, low-self,) => expression of functional behavior. Behavior is typical of individuals in the act or respond to external and internal stimuli are expressed in the attitude and personality is based on trends. 'Conduct' is a general term, is more an act, based on ethical and moral considerations and a functional manifestation of personality (a reflection of personality). Personality - the individual characteristics indicate overall attitude, quality and variety of trends, character, behavior, emotions, that are unique to the individual. Developing lifelong and take shape (profile) which more or less settled in adulthood.
Not all personality patterns conducive to the field of medical profession that it needs to fit. Every profession has their own fitness. The style is not suitable as schizoid, obsessive (anankastik), paranoid, dependent, sosiopatik (anti-social, psychopathic), and so on.
Physician education also includes how to behave and berperilakuk as a doctor. Behavior can still be changed / redirected if there is a willingness to drive change, assisted by a conducive environment and the basic foundation of personality traits are not rigid. Adaptation is the ability Kondusivitas personality adjustment due to differences in cultural background and education, the adjustment towards the medical profession (the adjustment method of learning & teamwork, adjusting the view / philosophy of life), ability to tilikan and self-development capabilities. In terms of selection in pendidikanmeliputi institutions, clarity, consistency and consequences of various regulations (including sanctions), clarity of educational programs, campus atmosphere and role models as part of continuous learning.

Based on reference paper by
Prof. dr.Sasanto Wibisono, SpKJ (K)
Faculty of Medicine UI, Jakarta

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